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Each issue we feature:

  • Video games
  • Board games
  • Retro gaming and pop culture
  • Reviews
  • Cosplay
  • Movies and TV
  • Comics
  • Trading Cards
  • Table Top Gaming
  • and a bunch of fun geek out stuff

We really are independent. We’ve seen way too many retailers try to make a “magazine” that gives you reviews that encourage you to buy stuff that’s not worth it. Our reviews are from sites like VGChartz an independent from Gametraders editorial site that tells it like it is. We also have reviews from Sticky Trigger – again no relationship to Gametraders apart from them doing review – they make no money from us.

Our catalogues feature the latest products from suppliers… full of fun ideas for you.

All our writers are passionate and most are volunteers… they write for the love of it. We hope you like our magazines as much as we enjoyed creating them.

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Publisher and Editor – Rob Jenkins, Gametraders.

Art Director – Giselle Capozza, Gametraders.

Retro Editor and Feature Writer – Paul Monopoli

Game Reviews – Sticky Trigger

TV/Comics/Horror Movies – Scott Sowter