System Of The Century: Nintendo Game Boy @ Number 5

First released in 1989, it became a massive success beating rivals Sega (Game Gear) and Atari’s Lynx and NEC’s TurboExpress. It sold over 1 million in the first few weeks of release in the U.S alone and overall sold over 118 million units (including Game Boy Color). Launch titles like Tetris and Super Mario Land saw it be the preferred hand held system of its time. The Game Boy also had the distinction of having a much higher female user base which Nintendo announced in the mid 90s plus better battery life and was loved by gamers of all ages. Originally it featured a monochrome screen that was replaced in 1998 by the Game Boy Color.


1989 – Game Boy
1994 – Super Game Boy
1996 – Game Boy Pocket
1998 – Game Boy Colour
1998 – Game Boy Light