Wonder Woman: She’s a Hit!

Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins… the reviews are in and the film has resonated well with movie critics and fans.

Browsing Rotten Tomatoes, the official Tomatometer has given Wonder Woman a very goo 93% with 243 “Fresh” reviews as against 18 “Rotten” Reviews.

Reviewers generally agree that it’s Gal Gadot that makes the movie. As time Magazine’s Stephanie Zacharek says:

“Gadot is simply marvelous. Physically, she’s bold and commanding. But there’s a sweetness about her too, as if she and Jenkins understand intuitively that Wonder Woman can’t just be blandly awesome. She’s got to be able to feel wonder too. Gadot carries the movie through even its sluggish parts, most notably the big action sequence that pile up at the end.”

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