The Game Diaries: 1998-1999

While I had stuck with my Super Nintendo throughout the 32-bit era so far, a special person was about to change my perspective on things. My second girlfriend, also called Amy, was well and truly a member of the 64 club. Through her I gained membership and experienced my first time holding the iconic, but I’ve never been a fan of the original N64 analog stick.

While currently own 5 or 6 Nintendo 64s, I have always disliked the feel of the control stick. The way that it grinds against the edges, and the powdery buildup from it just worries me. Having to replace the stick with it dies is also a pain! A couple of years ago I purchased a Hori controller, which is a lot smaller and has a Gamecube style analog controller. They’re not cheap, but it’s now my weapon of choice for all of my N64 gaming.

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