Let’s Support the Mental Health Webseries and Video Games

CheckPoint, the kickstarter campaign of a non-profit organization, is the first project of its kind aimed to help people with mental health issues through video games. When funded, there will be high-quality mental health webseries and video games that will feature advices from mental health professionals. This project is believed to be able to change or even save lives as it will raise awareness, reduce stigma and improve the well-being of people in general.

The hardest part of dealing with mental health issues is always the feeling of fear and shame. Many end up never seeking help or treatment at all. Everything will change with CheckPoint. With improved awareness and acceptance, the first step towards seeking help will not be that difficult anymore. With the help of the gaming community, CheckPoint works toward making a better life for people suffering from mental health issues.

The kickstarter will run for 30 days, to end on June 3. To read more, please click here.