Future Racing Games

A quick hop into our Gametraders Time Machine (patent pending) and we dash just 3 years into the future. Why 3 years? It’s expensive to travel through time. But seriously I don’t think we need to wait too long before the whole VR or AR thing is really working and mainstream. So what is VR – Virtual Reality – usually requiring a headset and sound so that as you “look around” the screen in front of you moves like you are really there.

You can see this on Youtube now if you don’t already have a headset from Sony or Occulus or which ever system you’re tied into. AR is Augmented reality which blends virtual with the physical world. Think Pokemon Go and people using their phones to hunt Pokemon in the real world. Where as VR will completely take over your vision and hearing putting you into a virtual world. How do I see the future for racing.

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