Our Friends in Podcasting Share Their Top Western Movies

4The trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 recently dropped onto our screens getting fans excited for what might be. The original game, Read Dead Redemption developed by Rockstar Games was released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2010 (the first of the franchise was Red Dead Revolver). It sits on a score of 95 at Metacritic from critics and is probably the best westerner themed video game released.

Coincidently our “Friends in Podcasting” Phil and Dean over at Chillpak Hollywood did a show on the top 10 western movies of all time. We’ll take a look at their picks in a minute or two but first I’m sitting here on a spring Adelaide morning wondering what is it about the western genre that we love..? There’s been some brilliant western movies, like one of my favourites, The Outlaw Josie Wales, with Clint Eastwood as director and star. So as I’m sitting in my comfortable office, I’m trying to imagine what it was like back in the 1800s, no airconditioning, no cars to quickly run down the shop and grab milk and bread. No TV, game consoles or mobiles to keep you amused whilst hanging around… it was very different world.

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