Vestige Cosplay Photography and Videography

vestige_photographyWelcome Vestige Photography, can you tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re based?

Hey there! My name is Michael Steel, commonly know by my alias as Vestiige Photography. I am a professional photographer from Portsmouth, England. I moved to Perth, Western Australia in August 2012 to start my life anew with my family, and to base my career in photography here. My preferred photographic style is action portraits and surrealism, a medium that is able to bring audiences to awe with its diverse processes and techniques. My dream job is to travel the world taking tons of incredible photographs that involve and inspire thousands of people, bringing them closer to one another and to become more creative within themselves.

You’re into both photography and videography, what sort of work do you do most?

Photography has always been my top priority and skill specialty, but videography has also become a very vital part of photography in the professional industry.

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