Unique Features and Exciting Modes in Sonic Boom Fire and Ice

61ccsdEtnjLAn upcoming action-adventure platform game that is part of the Sonic Boom spin off franchise of Sonic the Hedgehog series – Sonic Boom Fire and Ice, will be released soon at Gametraders!

Here in Fire and Ice, Ragnium is discovered by Dr. Eggman who uses the element to create robots which can outrun Sonic and friends. This evil project of Dr. Eggman together with a rejected robot named D-Fekt damages the environment in the process. Sonic and his friends will stop at nothing to end the enemy’s plan and bring back balance to the environment. There is an addition of Fire and Ice elements, a unique feature in the game.

There are special stages, bonus mini-games, challenge rooms, and exciting modes in Sonic Boom Fire and Ice so make sure you don’t miss it! For more details, visit any Gametraders store near you.