Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

81uGXGR9IBL._SL1200_Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past is the 7th installment in the popular role-playing Dragon Quest series. Dragon Quest VII revolves around Hero, the default name of the main character, together with his friends Maribel and Kiefer as they come across some secrets about the mysterious islands surrounding Estard, their home.

Be ready to be transported to the pasts of some of the islands, revisited through some ancient ruins where you will battle to defeat evil. Players get to customize their characters and move across different terrain. There are four modes you can use to travel in Fragments of the Forgotten Past – by feet, boat, magic carpet, or by skystone.

Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past will be released for PlayStation, Nintendo 3DS, Android, and iOS. It will be available soon at Gametraders.