Bindi Smalls’ Love for Cosplay

Cosplay_pic“Cosplay is for the love of the art,” says Bindi Smalls, a cosplayer based in Northern Colorado, USA. She has been in cosplay for the past ten years, making and wearing her costumes to live out her childhood dream of existing in the world of video games and animated series.Cosplay_pic_3

She has been balancing the life of cosplaying and her regular day job, saying that though this may seem stressful, she is happy. Though she is not making an income out of cosplay, she is opening a print store soon hoping this could help recover the costs for making cosplay and traveling to conventions.

Cosplay_pic_4Her costumes just sit in a closet or in storage box after they have been worn multiple times but eventually, she intends to sell them. She uses social media to display her work and connect with fans.

Her best tip for new cosplayers out there: “Do not be afraid to put tons of time and energy into a project, even if it fails. Just continue to work hard, learning from your successes and mistakes…”

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