Better Cosplay Photos in 2016

Cosplay_Camera_picHere are some great tips that can inspire you to produce better photos in 2016:

What you see may not always be what you capture. That is because your cam is not as good as your eye. Lots of times, you need to do some tweaking to have better photos. Taking short courses or online learning can help you on this.

Along with practicing more, buying new gear definitely creates a big difference in Cosplay photography. Sorry, but the saying “Gear Doesn’t Matter” just doesn’t apply here. Instead, getting the right gear will enable you to get that perfect blur, or that perfect bokeh.

For those times when the shot demands maximum sharpness, you’ve got to have a tripod. If you have been depriving yourself of this great tool, go ahead and buy one. Tripods help you with night shooting, or when you need to combine two images lined up perfectly together.

Collaborate with cosplay friends and plan some shoots. Scouting for locations, perfect time of the day to shoot, etc will enhance your thinking skills. You get to try new ideas that will help you grow as a photographer.

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