Forms of Horrors

There are several forms of Horror or sub genres that movies and video games are categorized into. Choose what scares you the most:

Body Horror

Bioshock, Deadspace and Fallout (for video games), and Slither and The Fly (for movies) are some that fall under this category.  This type of horror involves the human body – its disease or mutilation.Scared_Pix_1

Psychological Horror

Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. (for video games) and Insidious (for movies) are just some of the popular examples of horror under this category. It scares through the mind, sometimes even long after you have finished watching.

Sci-Fi Horror

This category involved aliens, science experiments, paranormal, etc. Best examples are I am Legend for movies and Doom for video games.

Survival Horror

Resident Evil, and Dawn of the Dead are samples for movie and video game that fall under this category.

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