Hello and Goodbye… one for the cosplay fans

Our amazing friend, Hayley has moved on in the world of writing and scored a great gig with Kotaku. Hayley was our friend and our cosplay writer/editor/advisor and resident interviewer at cons. She did an awesome job and was a pleasure to have on board.

Her last feature for us can be seen here – click to read how pose for cosplay pics

Her first article for Kotaku is now live and it’s fab – check it out here…

Now it’s not all bad news because we’re also saying hello and welcome to Anny our new cosplay editor and friend of Hayley’s – you can see her first article here and she’s done a great job stepping into Hayley’s cute little cosplay shoes… check it out here

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Above a couple of photos we did of Hayley when she was visiting us at GTHQ and for CosCon. And below a photo of Anny, our new cosplay editor…