All About Pops

Pops_PicThe exclusive gold version of Funko Pop Dumbo, with only 48 adorable, vinyl figures issued, comes with a high price tag – $450! You’d think this is too much, right? Well, the Clown Dumbo is listed twice as much – $850, with the same number of issues but some were lost so they’ve become even more rare. The list of Funko Pop rarities on Ebay goes on…

These super cute, big headed figures feature anyone and everyone – celebrities, sports icons, comic superheroes, video game characters – you name it! There’s no doubt Funko company has dominated the collectibles market.

For those who want to start their own collection, you may want to read some useful start-up advice. Also, those with their own collection already, there are amazing tips you may want to know on how to care for your collection.

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