Boss Monster 2: Hitting Stores in May

Boss_Monster_2The 2-4 player card game created in inspiration of video game classics, Boss Monster, is all about competing who gets to build the most fascinating dungeon that will successfully tempt unsuspecting heroes. The first player who gets to capture ten hero souls without getting more than five wounds is winner.

This card game, where the players get to be the villain, has earned quite a large fan base and is now back with a 2nd edition that will hit the stores this May. Boss Monster 2 comes with 150 cards and can be played as a standalone game or as continuation of the set.

Fans, and even non-fans, will definitely love the competition of collecting the most “treasure icons” featured in the cards that will lure the heroes and defeat their souls. Each card is visually pleasant to the eyes and will surely entertain the players!

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