World’s Funniest Video Games

Funniest_GamesComedy in video gaming is like having extra cheese on your pizza. Absolutely amazing! Of course, you just got to have some, right? Here are some of the most humorous video games you might want to consider:

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld

Funny moments come from the witty lines thrown by the main character Rincewind as he interacts with other characters.

Leisure Suit Larry

The misadventures of Larry Laffer as he attempts to find the love of his life will leave you in fits of laughter.  This game is better off played alone.

Monkey IslandFunniest_games_2

Although all the games in the series are funny, the best is the first entry entitles The Secret of Monkey Island. From the story, to its characters and even the solutions to the puzzles – all are downright funny!


Definitely full of funny jokes, this game is based on the Marvel comic character of the same name. X-men characters like Wolverine and Rogue are in the game as well and one of the funny moments is when Deadpool crashes the X-men’s Blackbird!

Brutal Legend

This action-adventure game features Eddie Riggs armed with a battle axe and a flying V guitar who becomes the savior of humans against demons in a fantasy world.

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