Gotta Have LOL Board Games

Prepare to laugh your hearts out with hilarious board games that you can play with your friends or with the whole family. These entertaining board games will surely make bonding moments with loved ones extra special. Make sure you have a couple, if not all, of these amazing games in your homes:Funny_board_games


Hands and feet will be stretched and interwoven as players await their fate at the mercy of the spinner that determines which hand or foot needs to be placed on which colored spots of the mat. Any part of the body other than hands and feet that touch the colored spots will result to the elimination of the player.


Riot begins when players draw the word on the card while team members try to guess within the time frame given. The less gifted in drawing the players are, the more laughter is elicited from the group.

Cards Against Humanity

One player acts as the Card Czar who reads a question from the black “question card” to the group who then answers by passing one white “answer card” face down. The card czar shuffles the answer cards and reads them to the group in a humorous way.

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