For the Love of Cosplay

Some do cosplay out of their love for the characters and costumes, some for their great passion for the art. But how is cosplay as a paying career? Is there money for professional cosplayers?Cosplay

An interview with some of the most active cosplayers revealed interesting views about this art. According to a cosplayer in Adelaide, money comes in through the selling of prints, hosting of events, or through ad revenue in youtube. Modeling for companies who are releasing new games, anime, comics, etc. is another profitable option. One player with 17 years of experience in the cosplay community says that people she knows making a living out of cosplay are those who have spent big money on their appearance, agents, etc.  With such a high upfront investment needed, one can say that Cosplayers do what they do for the love of the art and that compensation just comes second.

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