Can’t Get Enough of Metroid-Influenced Games

Metroid_pic_2Science-fiction action-adventure video game fanatics are in for treat with the upcoming release of games that share the influence of the legendary Metroid series. There is Ghost Song, the sci-fi title from Old Moon that features high quality visuals and promises a great haunting experience. Ghost Song will be released later this year to a wider audience with the developer’s partnership with Adult Swim Games as publisher.Metroid_pic

Another must have is for the fantasy craving audience – Heart Forth, Alicia. In this game, the heroine Alicia will be leaping through forests, dungeons and deserts with lots of magic spells from her enchanted whip called the Wizard’s Lace. Just like Ghost Song, Heart Forth, Alicia is expected to hit the stores last quarter of 2015.

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